The Punisher: Vindictive Governor Murphy Adds New Punishment for Asbury Park After Defying HIS Orders

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ASBURY PARK, NJ – The “Do as I say” regime of Governor Phil Murphy is on full display this weekend according to a report in the Asbury Park Press.  After the city of Asbury Park announced a plan to reopen indoor dining in the city, Governor Murphy and his henchmen slapped the city with a lawsuit, threatened businesses with the loss of state liquor licenses and state licensing, Murphy threw in a little vindictive revenge against the struggling business owners in the once-booming shore town.

According to the report, NBC was planning on filming the popular morning television show, “Today” from downtown Asbury Park on Monday.  According to Mayor John Moore, Murphy is putting pressure on the network to skip the filming, which was going to promote the city’s new downtown outdoor dining system, one of the most touted plans in the northeastern United States.

Asbury Park is shutting down some streets downtown and creating huge pedestrian walkways with plenty of room for outdoor dining.  Now, Murphy has reportedly pulled the plug on it, according to the mayor.  The segment, according to the APP was selected by the New Jersey Division of Travel and Tourism.

“It was a go until we were told Thursday by one of his staffers, it’s not happening because of our actions Wednesday evening,” Moor said of Murphy’s vindictive action against the city and the small business owners in the city.

The spot could have boosted tourism and business in the city, but now, Murphy has taken that away, continuing his harsh punishment against anyone who speaks out against his overreaching attacks on small businesses in New Jersey.

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Governor Murphy sends greetings from Asbury Park!

Posted by Shore News Network on Friday, June 12, 2020


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