Assemblyman Facing Corruption, Pay to Play Scandal Criticizes Murphy Vote By Mail Order

TOMS RIVER, NJ – New Jersey Assemblyman Gregory P. McGuckin, who holds, according to one public official, 30 public taxpayer jobs in Ocean County is now criticizing Governor Phil Murphy’s vote by mail order for the July primary election.  As McGuckin was jockeying and pressuring mayors, town council members and MUA chairmen, allegedly, Murphy was running amuck in Trenton.
McGuckin is being accused by Toms River Councilman Daniel Rodrick of engaging in dirty pay to play politics, extortion and political corruption.  McGuckin, whose firm is the Lakewood Township Zoning Board legal counsel, this year was given huge contract amount jobs by Jackson’s Mayor Michael Reina, Toms River Mayor Mo Hill, Manchester Mayor Ken Palmer and several other public job appointments.
After securing his latest job, the head of the legal department in Toms River, an estimated $400,000 to $500,000 per year public job, McGuckin is now taking notice of what is going on in Trenton.  That is, of course, after he supported a $15,000 fine for New Jersey residents who violate Murphy’s stay-at-home orders and order against public gatherings during the pandemic.

Senator Holzapfel and Assmeblymen McGuckin and Catalano warned of the potential for fraud and mistakes, kinda like how they jockey for public jobs in Ocean County, with the modifield vote-by-mail primary elections on July 7.

“Over the last few days, we have received dozens of calls and emails concerning ballots for residents who are deceased.  How can anyone expect this new system to be lawful and effective if there are glaring inaccuracies in the process?” stated the 10th District Legislators, but we call bullshit and nobody called their office except for their own political hangers that circle the trio for jobs and financial opportunities they can offer fellow Republicans, friends and family members.

The order also requires opening a minimum of at least one polling place in each municipality. Polling locations will be required to follow public health standards including ensuring six feet of distance, requiring poll workers to wear face coverings and gloves, frequent sanitization of high-touch areas, and providing sanitization materials to all individuals at a polling place.  In Ocean County, they are looking after the quick and easy polling money as they pay friends, allies and constituents a day’s pay to work the polls.

“The Governor has unilaterally decided to implement this new voting system which once again shows how he continues to use his power without the consideration of the legislature,” said Greg McGuckin who has become the new Boss Hogg of Ocean County during the extremely weak and pitiful GOP Chairmanship of his good friend, Frankie Holman. “Voter fraud and rejected ballots are a major concern for our constituents.  When you allow the entire state the opportunity to vote by mail, there are more opportunities for mistakes and corruption to the system.”

While Murphy and his administration run train on NJ Republicans, it’s hard to take a man seriously when he himself completely abuses and uses the political system to earn an estimated $2,000,000 annually in his own pockets, while paying down IRS tax liens estimated at $125,000 and transferring your home into your business partner’s name, possibly to protect it from IRS seizure.

Only in New Jersey’s dirty world of politics can all of this actually be a true story.


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