RNC NJ Chair Bill Palatucci Announces Support for Ex-Obama Democrat Who Hid “N-gger” Video Racist on Campaign

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MORRISTOWN, NJ – First of all, you might be wondering right now, who the hell is Bill Palatucci and why do I care who he’s endorsing?  You’re right.  Palatucci is New Jersey’s RNC chairman and political wheeler and dealer.  This week, Palatucci flipped out over our story that former Governor Chris Christie, who is now a political lobbyist for drug rehab treatment centers has endorsed the campaign of former Obama Democrat Rikin Mehta for U.S. Senate.  It just happens to be a relationship like a peanut butter and chocolate.   Mehta is currently pushing a campaign platform that revolves around protecting Big Pharma in America and in his own words, we shit you not, “Protect America’s opioid supply chain.”

We joked and said, “The addicts Mehta makes, Chris Christie takes”.

So why do we care about Palatucci?  You’re right, nobody should care, except for the candidates. Palatucci can make or break a Republican candidate in New Jersey just by saying the word…but according to Politico, Palatucci dropped support for Singh months ago…but we already knew that.

When Singh campaign advisor Joseph Rullo posted a meme about the Christie-Mehta bromance, Palatucci faux-flipped out.

“Such a ridiculous statement.  Your insulting and false posting has convinced me to drop my endorsement of Hirsh, which I made over a year ago, and to actively and aggressively support Rik Mehta,” Palatucci replied to Rullo. “I just got my ballot in the mail and I will now fill it out and include a vote for Rik.”

“Surprised, we are not,” said Yoda.

“Palatucci’ claim of a recent conversion to Mehta may not be entirely genuine,” Politico reported. “More Monmouth Musings, an influential conservative political news site, reported that Palatucci was walking Mehta around a Monmouth GOP fundraising event on January 31.”

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We even asked Palatucci himself a few months ago about his support for Mehta, but Palatucci double pinky swore he was still in with Mehta’s opponent Hirsh Singh…again, we all knew he wasn’t.

Palatucci finally found the opening to free himself from his earlier promise to the more qualified candidate now that the Trenton swamp creatures have fallen in line behind Mehta, just like the fell in line behind other more liberal Republican candidates for state and federal office in the past few years, losing every contest.

The average rank and file Republican in New Jersey doesn’t know who Bill Palatucci is, nor do they care who he’s endorsing.  This was just Bill’s way of telling his swamp friends,  “Ok guys, I’m back in your camp on this one.”

Palatucci today gets our highly coveted “Pander Bear” award…and we guess, supports the man who hid a guy on his campaign that was the star of the infamous Monmouth University, “N-gger, N-gger, N-gger, N-gger video“.   Ironically, it was also at that January meeting that Republican leaders were called out for openly supporting Mehta knowing he was protecting a world-renowned racist in his campaign.


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