Watch: U.S. Senate Candidate Hirsh Singh, Protesters March on Phil Murphy’s Home in Middletown

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MIDDLETOWN, NJ – A group of pro-business, pro-reopening New Jersey protesters on Saturday marched from a nearby park into the neighborhood of Governor Phil Murphy in Middletown.   Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, Hirsh Singh walked among the people in defiance of Phil Murphy’s absurd chokehold against small business and constitutional rights statewide.

“Today I joined Hundreds as we Marched to Governor Phil Murphy’s House in Middletown protesting to ReOpen New Jersey. We condemn his hypocrisy,” Singh said. “We are here to Save New Jersey. We are going to Support President Trump and Remove Cory Booker and Governor Phil Murphy from politics.”

About 100 protesters stood outside Governor Murphy’s home, shouting that he is “non-essential”.

The group spent about an hour protesting in front of the governor’s personal mansion.  Murphy’s driveway was guarded by about six or seven police officers.  When the officers came out, the protesters starting chanting, “Blue Lives Matter” and “If Antifa shows up, we got your back”.

“We need to make sure that every single person in this state is aware that we can stop Phil Murphy,” Singh said.  “Each and every one of you has that personal responsibility to take this whole corrupt system in New Jersey and throw it out for good.  People have become disillusioned and they need hope.”

Singh said that Democrat Governors like Phil Murphy and Andrew Cuomo are working with a bigger Democrat party plot to cripple the American economy on the back of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“What we’re seeing here is the Democrats’ planned demolition of the American economy,” Singh said.

Posted by Michael Shapiro on Saturday, June 13, 2020


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