Former Governor Christie endorses former Obama Democrat who hired Monmouth University racist, star of viral “n-gger” video

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NEPTUNE CITY, NJ – Former Governor Chris Christie just announced his endorsement of former Obama-era Democrat Rikin Mehta for U.S. Senate.  Mehta has come under fire during the George Floyd protests after it came out that he had protected a known racist on his staff for nearly one year.   Shore News Network, earlier this year uncovered Mehta’s “N-word” problem after he hired disgraced former Monmouth University student Brandon Kubinak to run his U.S. Senate campaign.  Throughout the year, Republicans had questioned Mehta about Kubinak’s involvement in his campaign, but both the GOP and Mehta ignored all requests to terminate Kubinak.  Kubinak was expelled by Monmouth University last year after a video of him and some other white friends posted a video on social media that was just them shouting the word “N-gger” repeatedly.

That story went viral.  It wasn’t until Shore News Network publicly exposed Mehta after working behind the scenes for nearly one month, unsuccessfully lobbying Mehta, the New Jersey GOP, Monmouth County Sherrif Shaun Golden and the Monmouth County GOP to force Mehta to fire Kubinak.  All refused.  Eventually, Mehta did “say” he let go of Kubinak, but it was done in silence, with absolutely no apology or statement of condemnation against Kubinak’s racist video that got him expelled from Monmouth University.

Here’s our original story:

Rikin Mehta, a candidate for U.S. Senate against African American U.S. Senator Cory Booker has remained silent for months after a video surfaced from one of his top campaign staffers dropping the “N-bomb” in a video.  That video allegedly got former Monmouth University Student Brandon Kubinak kicked out of the University, according to BuzzFeed, but it wasn’t enough for Mehta to drop Kubinak from his campaign staff.

What we know:

  • Monmouth University Student Brandon Kubinak kicked out of school for viral N-word video.
  • Kubinak now works for Rik Mehta for U.S. Senate.
  • Mehta endorsed by Monmouth County GOP Chair Shaun Golden and Monmouth GOP Republicans where incident took place.
  • Hirsh Singh calls for Mehta to drop out of race.
  • Hirsh Singh, “No place for racism in the Republican party.”
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Buzzfeed reported:

After BuzzFeed News contacted the school, Morganne Dudzinski, a spokesperson for Monmouth, said the student was “immediately contacted” by an official and “is no longer enrolled at the university.” However, she could not confirm if the student was formally expelled, citing privacy laws about his student record.

One year after the video went viral, Mehta’s Republican primary opponent said enough was enough and Mehta needs to do something about it.  Insiders today told Shore News Network that while Mehta was lobbying for support from the Monmouth County GOP, several people in the room had notified him about Kubinak’s viral video.    Three months later, Kubinak, who is also the Chairman of the South Amboy Republican Club and co-founder of the South Amboy Young Republican Club.


Republican candidate for US Senate Hirsh Singh criticized Democrat Rik Mehta for hiring as his key campaign advisor a person who made a video of himself using the ‘N-word.’

Singh issued a statement today after we asked him about the claims earlier in the day that claims Mehta himself seems to have given tacit approval to the video as he was informed about its existence during the Monmouth County Republican Party Convention in early February, but chose not to fire his staffer.

“Kubinak helped Mehta by rigging the Republican Party Convention in Middlesex County where he plays an important part of the party organization.  He has attended numerous campaign events with Mehta,” Singh Said.

According to Singh’s campaign, Kubinak has been the brain behind Mehta’s policy positions and campaign strategy, and curiously, Rik Mehta has not come up with a single policy that will benefit African-Americans. Rik Mehta’s n-word problem is an albatross around his neck and he is guaranteed to lose bad should he get the Republican nomination. What should be truly worrisome in that scenario for the Republican Party is that it will lead to a wipe-out of the Republican Party in the state with the GOP losing the Presidential race, every Congress race as well as all down ballot elections.

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“The best scenario for the Republican Party would be if Rik Mehta quits the race. His campaign manager Kubinak should resign all his official positions including that of the Executive Director of the Middlesex County Republican Committee and Chairman of South Amboy’s Republican Organization. Mehta continuing in the race after the n-word problem has come to light is an existential threat for the NJ Republican Party,” said the conservative candidate Hirsh Singh who has a very clean history and is seen as an honest person.

“We do not need racists to be part of the party, let them go back to wherever they came from, which is the party of the Ku Klux Klan,” added Singh, in an apparent dig at Rik Mehta who was a Democrat until recently and is a known progressive who held a political appointment given to him by the far-left Mayor of Washington DC, Muriel Bowser.

We reached out today to Monmouth County GOP Chairman Shaun Golden and New Jersey GOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt with no success.

Rikin Mehta has made no formal response to this news.

Correction: Editor’s note. Singh did not issue a press release, he forwarded a statement in response to our inquiry this morning.




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