Would Governor Murphy Support Defunding Police? Here’s What He Said

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ASBURY PARK, NJ – NBC Today Show host Savanah Guthrie asked Governor Phil Murphy this week on the Asbury Park Boardwalk if he supports defunding the police, here’s what he said.

“We attended two protests, one in a community overwhelmingly of color and one community overwhelmingly white,” Murphy said. “Here’s what I believe. This is a mosaic with lots of pieces in it, we have to build up in education, healthcare and social services and we’ll continue to do that.  Obviously, continue to deepen the relationship between law enforcement and our communities, we have a long way to go.”

When Guthrie reminded Murphy, the slogan is “Defund the Police”, does he support that?

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“I don’t think it’s a black and white question, again, it’s what are your priorities,” he continued. “It’s not just what does your budget say, but your words, where are you putting your money and we believe in lifting communities up and continue lifting up our communities and we’re all for that.”

Murphy skillfully maneuvered through a defining moment in his tenure as governor by avoiding the minefield, unlike Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey when confronted told Black Lives Matter he would not defund police.  Frey was immediately heckled, ridiculed and told to leave a BLM rally he not only supported but helped organize.

Murphy has marched in protests where anti-police and defunding police signs were plenty.   For now, as Murphy rides the political fence on defunding police, there will be no walk of shame like that of Frey.


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