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Woodland Park, NJ  —  When small business owner, educator, and Second Amendment Advocate Anthony Colandro was forced to close his businesses, Gun For Hire and The Woodland Park Range, he decided to be productive with his new found time off.  Used to working 7 days a week, he had to do something.  Like everyone in the State and World, Anthony was forced by the COVID-19 Wuhan Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 Virus (crisis) to stop his life as he knew it.  And this was the birth of “The Quarantine Crawl.”

What is the Quarantine Crawl?  The short answer to this question is: The Quarantine Crawl is a video blog covering “essential” small businesses.  These are businesses which have been allowed to remain open during the crisis.  Anthony hits the road and stops in unannounced at a business to patronize, support, review, and plug the small business.  Given the circumstances of the shut down in New Jersey, Colandro has visited many food related establishments…

What Colandro has to say about the process:

It’s been very gratifying…a lot of these people I’ve seen them before when they come into my house, the range.  I never see what they do outside.  And now, going to their places of business and seeing what they do, it’s quite gratifying for me.  I’m really really enjoying it.

What has been born from potentially boredom and restrictions on what we are “allowed” to do has turned into a comprehensive catalogue of the salt of the Earth New Jersey small businesses.  Anthony has over 100 video reviews on the businesses he has covered and you can view them all on YouTube under the Gun For Hire Quarantine Crawl page.  Colandro’s furthest trek to date has been just over 50 miles to the Colt’s Neck General Store.

When talking about the crawl, Anthony states he wishes to continue doing the videos even after the Governor of New Jersey allows all businesses to open.  Right now, he is polling the public for a new name idea for the crawl, to both celebrate the opening of the State and also be able to continue this new public service he is providing.

Are you interested in being featured in one of Anthony’s videos?  Be sure to reach out to him via his contact information on But there is something to keep in mind…this is what Colandro has to say about requirements for coverage in a crawl:

Anyone out there, send me info.  But you gotta be a pro 2 A business.  I’m not going to somebody because it’s your place.  If you support the Second Amendment, you’re a candidate.  I believe in supporting those who support you!

Are you a small business that supports the Second Amendment and not ashamed to show it?  Then reach out to be a part of the crawl!

More information on Colandro’s Quarantine Crawl can be found at the following places online:

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Gun For Hire, at The Woodland Park Range

Gun For Hire at The Woodland Park Range YouTube Page

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