Watch as President Trump delivers “great speech” to kick off 2020 campaign season

Washington DC,United states,January 2020,United states President Donald Trump threatens Iran about war with US

TULSA, OK – President Donald J. Trump delivered a “great speech” tonight at his first political rally held since the COVID-19 epidemic. Trump touched on a variety of subjects including the liberal assault on American values, Democrats, the crooked mainstream news media and the liberal occupation zone in Seattle.  Trump mentioned our own New Jersey Governor and his meeting last week at his Bedminister Golf Club.  Trump said New Jersey is a case study for children going back to school  As New Jersey ranks second in the nation in COVID-19 deaths, mostly in seniors in assisted living facilities, Trump noted only 1 child under the age of 18 passed away in the state from COVID-19.

During the speech, Trump said he was upset that no media reports that he gives great speeches…so there.

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