Phil Murphy: No Tolerance for Knuckleheads Spreading Their COVID-19 in Casinos


ATLANTIC CITY, NJ – Governor Phil Murphy announced Monday that casinos in Atlantic City will be reopening on July 2nd and he will have no tolerance for knuckleheads ruing the fun and causing trouble.

Within the next several days, Murphy said several casino operators also plan to open to friends family and loyal customers first to test these new protocols to ensure their efficacy while this guidance is not yet complete.

“You should fully expect that they will include mandatory face coverings and masks and health screenings for all visitors and staff and you should also expect density limits or capacity limits to ensure social distancing while inside the commune casinos among other measures,” he said.

Don’t try to be a knucklehead.

“If any, and I hate to say this folks, but we’re in this together, if any visitor refuses to comply with these simple safeguards you will be escorted out of the casino,” he said. “We are not going to tolerate any knuckleheads trying to ruin it for those who wish to enjoy themselves responsibly those who need to get back to work especially if those knuckleheads could be spreading COVID-19.”

Murphy said casinos have also offered to partner with state and local health officials to provide as much data as possible for contact tracing.

Photo by Chermel Porter on Unsplash

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