Governor Murphy: 14-Day Quarantine Order Not Legally Enforceable

TRENTON, NJ – Less than 24 hours after announcing an 14-day mandatory quarantine on travelers visiting from high-risk states, Governor Phil Murphy said that order is legally not enforceable.  Suddenly, even though he often practices without a license, Murphy invoked the Constitution of the United States.

“You know, constitutionally,  we’re not able to put up border checks around New Jersey,” Murphy said. “It’s just not, to travel from one state to the next is something that is allowed. I think what we’re asking folks with a great, you know, this is an advisory so it’s more than a recommendation.”

Instead, Murphy said he’s simply asking travelers to take the three-state declaration to heart and self-regulate themselves.

“We’re asking folks to take on a big amount of personal responsibility here, to do the right thing for themselves, as well as for their families, communities and the rest of us,” he said. “Judy and I spoke offline earlier, she reminded me and she can comment on this, she’s been in close contact with the health commissioners in New York and Connecticut, that they’re going to aggressively pursue a public relations campaign as part of this at airports, on highways, train stations, but it’s most importantly, do the right thing.”

” But again, folks, it is do the right thing. That’s not part of the advisory, but I want to repeat, please go out and get tested. We have built this testing machine over 100 and something days, please use it and go out and get tested.” he said.

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