Toms River Business Administration Passed Out During Town Meeting, Nobody Knew Until Later

TOMS RIVER, NJ – According to township officials, Toms River Business Administrator Don Guardian passed out and fell to the floor while in town hall on June 9th during of a closed-to-the-public executive session zoom meeting with the township council.  The meeting occurred prior to the township’s public teleconference meeting.   The council and legal advisers held the entire meeting while Guardian lay on the floor in distress in his office.   Guardian did not participate in that meeting, which he typically hosts.  After the meeting, a participant at that meeting went to check up on the business administrator to find him laying on the floor.  Guardian is now recovering from a possible stroke and has not been to work since.

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In the interim, Toms River Mayor Maurice Hill appointed assistant business administrator Lou Amoroso to the position of business administrator.   Amoruso is a political ally of Mayor Maurice Hill.



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