Pizza Review – Luisa’s Pizza, Jackson NJ

JACKSON, NJ – So before we start this one, let’s not do Luisa’s a disservice by making it sound like this is just another pizza place.  Luisa’s has a full menu that will blow your mind because they’re food people.  We’re not 100% sure what the connection is, but somehow we’re told they’re related to Three B’s in Lakehurst, which would explain everything if that’s the case.  We’ll do that story later on.

But for today, it’s Saturday, we’re at the pool, nobody wants to cook and it’s a great night for pizza…unless it rains and dumps on the whole weekend.

Our two pizzas at Luisa’s were the Sicilian Grandma Pesto and the Margarita pie, both were fantastic.  The worst part about Luisa’s and pizza is figuring out which one to order because there’s a huge selection of Sicilian pies.  Others include the Granda Focaccia, Papa’s, Grandma Eggplant and the Flip Flop.

The grandma pesto is a thin square pie with fresh mozzarella, pesto paste and romano cheese.  The Margarita was your traditional setup with fresh mozzarella, olive oil and garlic.

We won’t rate or compare pizzas or restaurants in our reviews, but if you’re looking for taste and ingredient quality, this is where you want to look.

On the menu at Luisa’s, they also offer a deep dish if you’re into that Chicago style.

The menu at Luisa’s looks like the menu at any top-shelf five star restaurant in the area and if the Three-B’s connection is real, like we said earlier, that’s the reason why.  Steaks,, clams, seafood, pasta, subs, baked dishes and everything your Italian grandma can shake a wooden spoon at.

So here’s where we go off road a little bit.  They also have an incredibly delicious salmon rice bowl on the menu that you can’t miss. If you love Three B’s rice bowls, you’re going to absolutely love the take on it at Luisa’s.



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