Murphy Addresses Missing Ballots Days Before Election


TRENTON, NJ – Many people in New Jersey have not received a mail-in election ballot and Governor Phil Murphy on Wednesday didn’t have too much to say about it, other than he’s aware and working on it.  With just three full business days, time is running out if you want to cast your ballot by mail.

“I just want to say this unequivocally. We take the sacred right of voting at the center of democracy as seriously as we probably take our public health, about as seriously as we take anything,” Murphy said. “And the notion of everyone having the confidence that their vote counts is a big, big deal for us. I want to make sure folks out there know that we don’t take any of this lightly. Matt’s been back and forth extensively with the US Postal Service. We’ve been going to them with very specific cases when we hear them. So the more specifics, the better.”

If you did not get your ballot or if you are unsure that your ballot made it back to your county clerk, start by calling your county clerk A.S.A.P.!

The clerk can tell you if your ballot has been received or not.  If not, the clerk can work with you to get a new one or tell you where to vote on Tuesday.

There will be limited in-person voting on Tuesday.  Anyone who did not vote can cast what is called a provisional ballot.  A provisional ballot vote will not go through the automated voting system, but that ballot will have to be checked manually by the clerk and election office to ensure your eligibility before it is counted.

If you cast a ballot in error, meaning you made an error on the ballot, mislabeled, wrong name, wrong address, etc. you should also call your county clerk immediately and talk options over with them.

We would suggest you take care of this on Friday and not wait until Monday or Tuesday.

This year with a near 100% mail-in-ballot election, there have been many problems including fraud, fire, lost ballots, returned ballots and misprinted ballots.


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