Toms River Dance Studio Finds Creative Ways to Keep Children Active During Murphy’s Extended Shutdown


TOMS RIVER, NJ – Broadway Bound Dance in Toms River has been closed since March 13th, but owner Lindsay Williams, who students affectionately refer to as “Miss Lindsday” says they have been able to improvise, overcome and adapt, but it’s just not the same.   Children in her program, as are all in dance programs enjoy the teamwork, personal relationships, camaraderie and health benefits of dance…but under Governor Murphy’s self-described science, dancing is still a high risk activity that, like gyms and others see no light at the end of the tunnel.

“I have owned Broadway Bound in Toms River since 2011,” Williams said.  “We have been closed since March 13, when we moved all of our classes to a virtual platform. In the last month we have moved to outdoor classes in the beautiful parks of Toms River, and our studio parking lot.”

Things just aren’t the same.  Like hundreds of other dance studios around the state, Williams has been working with the state to build dance studio-specific regulations and although unlike gyms, dance studios can perform with no contact and well within social distancing parameters, the governor is treating them like a gym…sort of with a little disdain almost.

“We are still unable to open under current restrictions, and we have been fighting for dance studio specific regulations so that we can get back to classes,” Williams said. “Unfortunately, at the moment we are in the same category as gyms and there is very little hope that we will be able to open anytime soon.”

Williams said it’s her students who are being hurt as they continue their modified program, which will never make up for the intensity they normally operate at during normal times.  If you don’t have children in dance, you might not realize just how intense of a workout these kids go through…and they love it, because they are also dancing at the same time.

“Sadly it is the children that are being hurt. The loss of their physical activity and the therapeutic outlet has been devastating for some of my students,” she said, “I would love to get some awareness to the Arts! We are suffering! With the closure of Broadway until 2021 we are scared what the future will bring.”

She added that dance and the arts are one of the most overlooked and underserved activities by the Murphy administration while he works out his path towards reopening, which right now appears to have been paused after the restaurant dine-in problems last weekend.

“We need help! We need people to know we are still here,” she said.  “We need the children to know that the arts are still there for them.”

To learn more about Broadway Bound Dance in Toms River, check out their Facebook page. Yes, they are doing classes outdoors at this time!




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