Hampton: Hundreds of Armed Black Militants Harassing White Americans in Stone Mountain, Georgia

STONE MOUNTAIN, GA – Hundreds of mostly armed black militants protested today in Stone Mountain Park at a Confederate Memorial Carving that depicts Civil War generals Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee, plus President Jefferson Davis.

The site was chosen because of the memorial and it is believed to be a meeting place for white supremacists and the Ku Klux Klan.

According to Patrick D. Hampton, an African-American and Trump supporter, hundreds of “black” Hebrew Israelites showed up and were harassing white Americans.

“I’m pleading with “white” militia groups to stand down and ignore them. They are fatherless children with a very poor education, manipulated by media and millionaires. They are having a temper tantrum. They don’t represent all black people. Some blacks can do the math. They have no clue they are severely outnumbered. Probably have no clue what outnumbered means. I ask that you give them space to have their tantrums. This should be over by November 4th,” Hampton, a black man himself, said. “I’m also pleading with “blacks.” Patriots are only going to take so much. You can only provoke and poke the bear for so long. When/If they decide to respond it will not end well for you people. They are actually showing more respect for black life by being patient and showing restraint as you terrorize America. You can peacefully protest but targeting people due to their color is exactly what the KKK did to blacks. You all have become the very thing you say you hate.”

Hampton, is calling on other African Americans who do not support the militants’ actions to speak up.

“I’m praying for peace but if civil war is the only way to eradicate these hateful anti-Christ factions in America, so be it. Maybe generations will learn not to follow the media, Hollywood elites and athletes cues for social justice,” Hampton said. “P.S. blacks that don’t support them need to speak up.”

Protesters called for a physical and violent challenge with white militia groups, who did not show up.





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