DeBlasio Blames Courts, Trump Economy, COVID-19 Lock Down for Surge in New York City Shootings, Murder

Bill DeBlasio, Mayor New York City.
Bill DeBlasio, Mayor New York City.

New York City, NY –  After New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio blamed courts and coronavirus for the surge in violence in his city, the state court system struck back.  In the first six months of 2020, shootings in the city are up 46% and homicide is up 21%.   Burglaries in the city are also on the rise.  Since DeBlasio disbanded the street crimes undercover unit in June, there have been 38 murders in the city, up 25% from that period one year ago.

“It’s directly related to all the dislocation that’s happened this last four months because of the coronavirus,” DeBlasio said. “We saw a concentration of shootings in Upper Manhattan and particularly in Harlem and the Upper Manhattan Command. This is something we have to double down on and address.”

“Let’s be clear, it’s not any one thing,” he added. “There’s a lot of different pieces.  The court system is not working. The economy is not working. People have been pent up for so many months. There are so many issues underlying this challenge.”

“The Mayor’s blaming the Courts for the recent spike in violence in New York City is absurd, patently false and ridiculous,” said New York State court administration spokesman Lucian Chalfen. “The Courts have operated continuously, operating throughout the pandemic, arraigning defendants, holding 100s of hearings, and conferencing 1,000s of cases.”

DeBlasio has often been at odds with New York City Governor Andrew Cuomo during the COVID-19.  In late may, DiBlasio’s daughter was arrested at a Manhattan Black Lives Matter protest.

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