Murphy Signs Executive Order Requiring Outdoor Wearing of Face Coverings


TOMS RIVER, NJ –  Governor Phil Murphy has announced today that he will be signing an executive order to force all New Jersey residents to wear face coverings when in public and socially distancing is not possible.  Murphy said today, it’s time for New Jersey to show which side of the COVID-19 battle they are.  Those who don’t wear masks are obviously in favor of COVID-19.  Those who prefer to wear masks, are on the winning team.

“Today, I am signing an executive order requiring the wearing of face coverings by everyone when they are in outdoor public spaces and social distancing is not practicable,” the governor said. “This is absolutely vital when individuals find themselves in a crowded situation such as when walking down a packed boardwalk or in a line that is not properly spaced apart.”

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Murphy noted several exceptions to the rules, not including photo opportunities by government officials.

“Individuals who are clearly drinking and eating at an outdoor dining establishment, people who wearing  face mask endangers their health or safety and children younger than two years old,” he said.  The Center for Disease Control has issued a notice saying masks should not be work when wet or damp as the moisture in the mask will inhibit airflow.

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Masking up outdoors now compliments Murphy’s “Mask Up” indoors policy and he touted his decision to force indoor wearing of face coverings as a life-saving measure and nationwide leader.

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“Requiring masks outdoors is a step frankly, I had hoped we would not have to take and by and large, New Jerseyeans by the millions have been outstanding in their compliance when masking up to go outside as it was our strong recommendation,” Murphy said. “Unfortunately, we have been seeing a backslide in compliance as the weather has gotten warmer and not surprisingly, our rate of transmission has crept up.   This is not about politics, it’s about quite simply being sick or being healthy. It’s about life and death. It’s about showing others you care about their health.”

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Remember, wearing a mask shows the world which team you are on.


“It’s about showing the community which side you’re on,” Murphy said. “This virus doesn’t care which political party you belong to or what you may or may not think about masking up.  It does care if you wear a mask. Period. Full stop.”

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