Stabbing at Long Branch Beach Spurred by Fishing vs. Swimming Quarrel

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LONG BRANCH, NJ – Police in Long Branch said one person was stabbed over an altercation over whether a section of the beach was intended for swimming or fishing.  The incident occurred Thursday.     New Jersey’s beaches are regulated by the local municipality. In many cases, towns declare certain portions of the beaches for different activities. Some beaches are for surfing, others for fishing and others for bathing.  There are even dedicated dog-friendly beaches in New Jersey.

Fishermen can be vocal about fishing only beaches because there are few in the summer and having a swimmer in the vicinity could pose a danger to the swimmer who can get hooked by the fisherman’s line.

Still, we tried to search for the last time a person was stabbed over fishing versus swimming beach quarrels and couldn’t find any.

“There was a report of a stabbing on Ocean Avenue near Morris Avenue. The incident stemmed from a disagreement on the beach concerning fishing versus swimming areas. The suspect was arrested shortly after and the victim is stable. Detectives are on the scene to further investigate. Any witnesses please contact us at 732-222-1000. Thank you,” the Long Branch Police Department said last night.

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Photo by Sally Dixon on Unsplash