Why Does Governor Murphy Only Talk About COVID-19 Deaths, Not Survivors?

TRENTON, NJ – Each morning, Governor Phil Murphy speaks openly about the COVID-19 pandemic and each morning, shares the grim news of COVID-19 deaths, telling the stories of those who have passed.  It’s a fitting memorial to the lives lost during the pandemic, but why doesn’t the governor ever talk in-depth about the COVID-19 survivors?

There have been 176,000 COVID-19 infections reported in New Jersey since the pandemic began.  15,448 have died, but on the flip-side, 160,000 New Jerseyans are COVID-19 survivors. Their stories are ones that should also be shared and today, Shore News Network is going to start sharing those.

People have been through hell during COVID-19.  Many have died, but many more have fought and won and we feel their stories are also important.  We will be sharing our first COVID-19 success story later today and we invite our readers to share their own COVID-19 survivor stories.  You can email us at news@shorenewsnetwork.com.

We’d also like for our own Governor to start being more forthcoming at his daily briefings and tell the stories of those who fought death and are still with us today, because, like cancer survivors or survivors of other grave illnesses, their stories are just as important as we document history through the COVID-19 pandemic.

They are blessed souls being ignored by the Governor because stories of fighting and beating COVID-19 do not support his narrative that everyone is about to die of COVID-19 if we don’t listen to his every order.

Photo by Adhy Savala on Unsplash

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