Point Pleasant Mayor Refuses to Apologize to Teen Girl Falsely Accused of Crime

SEASIDE HEIGHTS, NEW JERSEY - AUG 17: Jenkinsons Boardwalk at Point Pleasant Beach at Jersey Shore in New Jersey, as seen on August 17, 2014. The boardwalk is almost 1 mile long.

POINT PLEASANT BEACH, NJ  – Mayor Paul Kanitra of Point Pleasant Beach is quickly gaining the reputation of a social media firebrand.  This time, the mayor is refusing to apologize to a 14-year-old girl falsely accused of a crime, a charge in which he aided.

According to resident Kathy Koar, Mayor Paul Kanitra was involved in the conspiracy to out her daughter as a member of “Black Lives Matter”, painting the child as a trespasser after a BLM sign was placed illegally on a neighbor’s lawn.

Koar called Kanitra’s actions reckless and irresponsible after he forwarded a photo of the girl posted from her social media page to the police department.  Point Pleasant Beach police officers contacted Koar the next day to tell her that her daughter was involved in the crime.

She said hours later, police officers contacted her again to let her know that her daughter was not involved in the incident and they issued an apology. Koar said she had undeniable proof that her daughter was not involved.  Police even brought the teenager ice cream the next day to offer an apology to her.

“I certainly am not going to apologize for something that I didn’t do wrong and that I would do again and have done again since then,” Kanitra said.  Kanitra did not even apologize on behalf of his police department for the false accusation.

The mayor called the incident a “minor thing”, despite the girl and her family being outed and shamed on social media, attacked by many.




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