Here are the reasons your mail-in ballot might not be counted in New Jersey

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ATLANTIC CITY, NJ – The Press of Atlantic City has reported that mail-in-ballots in Atlantic County have been incorrectly read by scanners that automatically process those ballots.  The Atlantic County Board of Elections says at least 1,200 ballots will be recounted.    The error is not likely to affect the Democrat primary election results there.  Election workers will now go through questionable ballots by hand.

Not to mention the ballots burned in a fire last month, there’s a lot of ways the ballot you mailed out might not be counted.

With over 750,000 ballots counted so far, it is estimated that as many as 75,000 votes will be invalidated statewide for errors or fraud.  The May 2020 mail-in ballot election saw a 10% rate of rejection for ballots, meaning in New Jersey, every vote no longer counts.

Some common errors include forgetting signatures, improperly marked ballots and accidental overvoting, if a voter for two candidates in the same election.   Overvoting is not possible during in-person voting on voting machines, because the machines do not allow for two votes in one race.

If you accidentally overvoted, your vote does not count.

At least 100,000 ballots remain to be counted statewide, including provisional ballots and mail-in ballots that were received after Tuesday of last week.  Still, there’s another possibility that your ballot may not be counted.  If you mailed your ballot on Election Day, many county election boards did not process or receive ballots on Friday and many were returned as undeliverable to the post office.  Those returned ballots have until tomorrow night to be returned to the election board offices in order to be eligible to be counted.

Sports Betting Analyst


Sports Betting Analyst

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