Charge Backs Offer Consumer Protection Against Unscrupulous Vendors

TOMS RIVER, NJ – If you’ve ever ordered an item online from a less than savory or not-so established business or individual, you may have run into a scenario where you didn’t receive your items and the seller will not give you your money back.

There’s good news, you can call your bank and ask for a charge back. This piece by Lynette Hill explains how it all works.


If you come across any credit card dispute, notify your card company at once. Some samples of credit cad disputes may include:

o Your card company is claiming that an unauthorized transaction was a result of your negligence
o You ordered shirts or hats from an ex-con and the merchandise was never delivered to you
o Failing to notify your card company of unauthorized use
o You are left with a loss after your card company fails to reverse a disputed transaction immediately under the chargeback rule
o Disputing liability for any transactions made by a secondary cardholder because you already terminated the second card’s account.
o Credit card disputes resulting from maxed-out credit on the secondary card

How to reverse a transaction

Below are some of the common reasons for transaction reversal requests:

o Faulty mail order items or mail orders that do not arrive at all
o Being charged twice or charged with higher amount than what you authorized
o Canceling an authority to debit your credit account directly only find out the merchant continuous on directly debited to your account
o Someone stole your card and used it by forging your signature
o Someone stole your card and used it to purchase items over the phone or through the internet

Normally, most card companies are quick to reverse any transactions once notified. Your card company will require a chargeback of the disputed amount from the merchant’s bank. However, if the merchant was able to prove that you or a secondary cardholder received the items or authorized the transaction, the transaction reversal will remain in place.

Stopping card direct debits

Occasionally, stopping direct debits from your card is tricky. There may be no problem on your end but getting the other party to stop processing unauthorised transactions will be a problem. Of course, the chargeback rules will allow such transactions to be reversed as long as you notify your card company and cancel your authority.

If you are in, in no way, happy with the way a credit card dispute is handled by the staff of your card company, you may report and leave it to your card company’s internal complaint handling process handle the matter. You may also take your credit card dispute to an external resolution organization.

Disputes are sometimes unavoidable. For this reason, make sure that you go for a service provider that can give you vast number of options. If you are planning to get a card, make sure you do extensive credit card comparison to make sure you are getting the best deals the market has to offer.

Additionally, you may use various credit card comparison sites to ensure you are getting all the information you need to get the perfect card for your needs.

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