Murphy Driving with His Foot on the Brakes In Left Lane of NJ’s Road To Recovery

TRENTON, NJ – Everyone in New Jersey these days is worried about what’s coming next and we’re not talking about the fears of contracting COVID-19 either.  Many in the state are worried about when Murphy will slam on the brakes, throw the car into reverse and go right back home.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the Governor has pretty much kept all of the state’s plan’s to himself, moving the goalposts frequently and now, has halted his reopening plan.

Murphy is driving New Jersey’s financial future like the guy doing 55 with his left turn signal on, driving down the shore on the Garden State Parkway…in the left lane…with his left foot planted firmly on the brake pedal the entire way.

This just our daily observation.  What do you think?

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