Phil Murphy Loses His Battle Against Defiant Gym in Court


BELLMAWR, NJ – Governor Phil Murphy and Attorney General Gurbir Grewal have threatened the owners the Atilis Gym in Bellmawr, New Jersey with arrest and even went as far as changing the locks on their business.

This week in court, Smith and partner Frank Trumbetti got word that Superior Court Judge Robert Lougy of Camden ruled against the State of New Jersey declaring Atilis Gym can open their business as long as they follow Governor Phil Murphy’s executive order to allow only personal training at the facility and not unrestricted public use.  They were also facing contempt of court charges which were overturned.

Earlier this week, the owners said they will dig in and fight, even if that meant taking the front doors off their hinges.

“Murphy and the Department of Health are charging us with Contempt of Court. They are coming to forcibly change our locks and potentially imprison us for staying open. We are OPEN and staying open. Frank and I will be locking ourselves inside if they come and will not stand down unless forcibly removed,” said owner Ian Smith. “Governor Murphy is coming to change our locks again tomorrow – we will be taking our doors off of the hinges and Frank and I will be working and the gym will be open 24/7 until they back off or we are arrested. Come down and get your workout in, come down and show your support for small business and your constitutional rights. They asked for 2 weeks it’s been 125 days.”

A sign outside the gym now states, “This is A.M.A.Z. – Anti-Murphy Autonomous Zone”.

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