Race Between David Richter and Andy Kim in a Dead Heat Poll Says

Toms River, NJ July 22, 2020 – In response to reports on recent polling that show NJ-03 as a “dead heat” race between Republican challenger David Richter and freshman Democrat Andy Kim, David Richter released the following statement:

“Recent polling shows what we have been saying all along: the Third District is ready for change. Andy Kim and the radical leftist policies of Democrats who want to defund law enforcement do not represent the majority of voters in this district.  The fact that the incumbent is only polling in the mid-40s is a very good sign at this early point in our campaign.”

“I’m also highly encouraged by President Trump’s numbers in the district. Despite the recent pandemic and its adverse economic impact, the President is still leading Joe Biden and I expect that lead will only increase as we get closer to Election Day.”

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