Toms River BOE President: Our Teachers Are Not Babysitters, We Cannot Accommodate Full Day Classes


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TOMS RIVER, NJ –  Toms River School Board President Anna Polozzo said last week at the Toms River Regional Schools Board of Education that the district’s decision to not return to full-time classes in September at this time is your problem, not hers.  Polozzo, responding to a question from an essential worker said teachers are not babysitters.

“Are there any consideration given to full-time working essential personnel that have historically depended on full-time in-class supervision of young school-aged children?” was the question asked by an unidentified member of the public.

“As I parent I completely understand your dilemma and our teachers are not baby sitters and unfortunately at this point in time, we cannot accomodate full time, Monday through Friday school day instruction in our building based on the guidance by the NJDOE,” Polozzo said. “Under the current circumstances, it’s not feasible. Parents need to be responsible for acquiring childcare.”

The scenario is a real one for families with two parents working outside the home.

Sports Betting Analyst

Sports Betting Analyst

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