Latest New Jersey COVID-19 Outbreak Traced Back To Governor Murphy’s Hometown


MIDDLETOWN, NJ – Governor Phil Murphy has a COVID-19 problem in his own backyard. Today, the Governor lashed out at teenagers in his own hometown for not participating in contact tracing he says is needed to track down those who may be affected with COVID-19.  It happened after a house party allegedly resulted in 20 new COVID-19 cases.

Health officials have complained that attendees at the party are not cooperating with them.

“The contact tracing reality today is a little bit better, there was a higher level of cooperation,” Murphy said today. “To the best of their knowledge all of the kids who tested positive have been quarantined.”

Murphy spent a good portion of his daily briefing lecturing parents.

“It’s undeniable that, that a lot of the partying, close congregation has gone underground like those house parties in Middletown,” Murphy added. “Folks, let me remind you, if you’re indoors, the ventilation isn’t goood, you’re closely congregated and if you don’t have one of these on [points to mask], you’re playing with fire.”

Murphy said COVID-19 is getting younger in New Jersey and around the country and parents who allow it to happen are playing with fire.

“There’s still community spread in New Jersey, not a lot of it thank God,” he said.


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