Murphy Announces 36 More Confirmed COVID-19 Deaths, 7 New in Last 5 Days

TRENTON, NJ – Today, Governor Phil Murphy announced 36 more confirmed COVID-19 deaths, saying 7 occurred in the past 5 days.  The Governor also said about 1,920 other people so far probably, could have died from COVID-19 after scouring death records for clues and links to COVID-19, but those cases were never laboratory confirmed.

“Sadly, we must report an additional confirmed 36 #COVID19 deaths, bringing our total number of confirmed deaths to 13,845,” Murphy said. “Of the deaths we’re announcing today, seven occurred within the last five days. The number of probable deaths remains 1,920.”

Murphy also announced 800 patients were being hospitalized, that number is down 73 from just two days ago when Murphy said 873 patients were hospitalized.  Today, Murphy’s hospitalization math added up properly saying 800 patients were hospitalized and 388 were tested positive.  412 hospitalizations were under investigation for suspected COVID-19 infection.

Patients in critical and intensive care are down from 151 to 138 in the pasts two days.

Hospital patients on ventilators are down from 77 patients to 62.

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