Dave Portnoy’s Trump Interview Sparks Liberal Rebellion at Bar Stool Sports, Led by KFC

NEW YORK, NY – Kevin Clancy, aka KFC at Barstool Sports said on Friday that if company President Dave Portnoy keeps going down the path of politics, he’ll revolt again Portnoy’s new direction at the media giant. KFC ranted about Portnoy’s foray in politic topics which culminated with “el Presidente’s” visit to the White House to interview President Donald J. Trump.  Cue, every liberal employee that works for Portnoy raging the f’ out against him throughout the day.

et tu KFC?

KFC has always been loyal to Portnoy, but today he basically said if the boss doesn’t get right back to reviewing pizza and having watermelon eating contests, he’s not following.

The President of your company just interviewed the President of the United States.  Your company is now in the realm of the largest media organizations in the entire world.  Untwist your panties and, sit, down, shut up and support your boss because he got all of you where you are now, and he’s going to take whoever stays with him where he’s going next, which is nowhere but up.

Last week, his staff revolted against him for a video that surfaced from a few years ago where he said he called Colin Kaepernick a terrorist because he thought he was a Muslim.  Black Lives Matter raged on Dave and so did many of his liberal leaning employees.

“I think it’s the end of Bar Stool Sports as we know it,” Clancy said, being extremely overdramatic over the interview with the President. “It started as a company where there was a handful of us on the same page, in lock step and thought the same way and like minded. Now Dave is a dude who has a hundred million dollars and national fame and notoriety, in politics and major entertainment.”

KFC said that as Portnoy drifts off the path of being lockstep with everyone in the company, he’s out.

“If he goes down this road, that’s not where I want to take it, that, that’s now where I want to go, but God bless him,” Clancy said. “We’re just a major media company…so if he goes down this road, fine, I’m going down this road and I don’t think it’s the end of the world.”

“I’m at the point where we say Barstool doesn’t do politics, now we’re hypocritical and towing the line,” he said. “I really think I’m going to commit to going back to everything non-political.”

“I’m done with it man, I can’t do it anymore,” he said of Portnoy.  “I don’t want to speak for other people or weigh in on other people’s content or feel compelled to speak about topics I don’t want to talk about anymore.”

Clancy said that after Portnoy was attacked by the Black Lives Matter movement last week, it threw his own career into a world that he didn’t want to be in.

“Dave got an opportunity to talk to the President, he took it,” Clancy said. “I think it’s bad timing…it’s just a fucking mess…it’s not fun and I don’t think it’s entertaining to the fans.”

I feel like I spent the last few weeks defending Barstool, saying we’re not political, we’re not racist, but it gets tough,” Clancy said. “Do I think Dave is some right wing political affecianado, no, but when you have the decisions he’s had the last month, it’s hard to defend.  I’m not going to stick my neck out on a limb to defend the company or defend Dave. It’s not a big friends and family happy bunch anymore…it’s not a family.”

Clancy went on to trash the President.

“Some fans are going to love this, some are going to hate this,” Clancy said of Portnoy’s time with the President. “This is not exactly the Presidential administration we should be associated with and I don’t think it’s an honor and I don’t think he should have done it.  I’m not going to defend it anymore either.”





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