AirBnB Calls Jackson “Mansion Party” with Free Jungle Juice Serious Abuse of Service During Public Health Crisis


JACKSON TOWNSHIP, NJ – Jungle Juice.   It’s sort of like Sangria, but also kinda like spiking the fruit punch with whatever you smuggled into the high school prom.  There’s many different recipes on the internet, but when you mix free jungle juice with a $1,000 twerking competition at a mansion party in the woods in Jackson Township, things are definitely going to happen.   Typically it uses hard liquors like Everclear or vodka mixed with Kool-Aid or some other low-cost fruit punch.   At an expensive house AirBNB house party, one can certainly expect a more upscale jungle juice that has exotic citrus fruits thrown in.  Slices of oranges, pineapple, whatever.

To make a great jungle juice, it’s all about letting the bits of fruit marinate in the alcohol and fruit punch concoction.   Jungle juice, made properly will lay you flat, but before making the drinker more drunk than possibly imaginable.

Free jungle juice and the dream of being crowned Mrs. Jackson Township Twerk Queen July 2020 is not what this is all about.  What we’re talking about now is how the owner of the home, Yaakov Weiss violated the terms and conditions set forth by AirBnB and caught the attention of the company after our story was published.

“We strongly condemn the reported behavior, which represents both a clear violation of Airbnb’s community policies and a particularly serious abuse during this public health crisis,” said AirBnB public affairs officer Ben Breit.

Breit said his company is now in direct contact with Jackson Township officials and are offering their full support with the ongoing investigation.

As for Mr. Weiss, his time with AirBnB was short lived, counted in hours, not days or months.

“We have removed both of the publicly identified party organizers from our platform,” Breit said. “We have deactivated the listing as we investigate further.”

During COVID-19, the company has strengthened their policies to prohibit gatherings that violate public health mandates such as the jungle juice ‘n’ twerk party held in Jackson Sunday night.  On top of that, Airbnb bans “party houses” globally.

“We have reinforced this policy by temporarily disabling the “event-friendly” search filter, which is typically used so that guests can seek out venues for responsible parties and gatherings,” Breit said.  “We have also temporarily removed the “parties and events allowed” rule from the House Rules of any New Jersey listings that formerly authorized parties We maintain our rigorous work to prevent and address unauthorized parties.

So for now, we’re not sure where the next pop-up party with free jungle juice is going to appear, but we can be sure that it won’t be at Mr. Weiss’ home in Jackson Township.

Photo by Danny Howe on Unsplash

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