McGuckin Backed School Board Team Falls Apart in Final Hour as 10 File in Toms River


TOMS RIVER, NJ – Insiders in Ocean County said a school board slate that was to be supported by New Jersey Assemblyman Gregory P. McGuckin and Toms River Mayor Mo Hill to exert their political influence in school board affairs has fallen apart.  Former school board member Christopher Raiman led that slate that claims he allegedly hid McGuckin’s connection from his running mates.   Those two running mates, Rob Onofrietti and Bridget Maillard are now running their own ticket for school board.

Raiman has teamed up with Perry Grace on the McGuckin backed slate.  McGuckin, aside from being an assemblyman has been gobbling up public legal contracts since using his political influence to pressure mayors and town councils to hire his firm.  Last month, McGuckin’s law firm was denied a contract with the Lacey Township School Board.

The Toms River School Board legal contract is one of the most lucrative legal public contracts in Ocean Ocean County. The position is currently held by Stephan Leone, a Democrat powerbroker based out of Toms River.

Running against McGuckin’s two-candidate ticket is the “Toms River 1st” slate of Lisa Contessa, Ken Londregan and Ashley Palmiere.

Democrats will be running Michelle Williams, Daynne Glover and Rachel Remelgado on the “Children First” ticket.

Former school board member Robert Onofrietti is running and Bridget Maillard are running on their own “Moving TR Forward” ticket.

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