This $350 Face Mask is the iPhone of COVID-19 Virus Protection


A high-tech face mask called “The Atmos” might very well be the new gold standard in COVID-19 personal protection equipment and its wearers will scoff at those who continue wearing normal facemasks during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The Atmos will be the iPhone of the mask industry if it picks up traction.

According to the company, “Masks and respirators require a seal, while our patent pending PositivAir  technology utilizes fans to create a positive pressure clean air environment for you to breathe freely, requiring no seal around the mouth and nose.”

This system allows clean, cool air to comfortably escape the mask around the face creating a continuous, one way outflow that keeps outside air out. This means unparalleled protection and a more human experience, the company claims.

At $350 per unit, the Atmos comes with a USB cable and carrying case. If you act now, the company will throw in 4 filter sets as you need them. It takes about one month for delivery once you place your order.

You can learn more about the next generation Atmos masks here.



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