Two Leftist Protesters Arrested for Beating Democrat Lawmaker

When it comes to the vicious attacks by the left during their two-plus month-long protest, nobody is safe, not even politicians who claim to support them.  Wisconsin State Senator Tim Carpenter found out the hard way when he was beaten by an angry mob of protesters simply for taking a photo while the group tore down a statue.

The politician said he was walking to the State Capitol around midnight when he saw a group of demonstrators in the street. He decided to use his phone to capture what was happening. As he did, three people rushed toward him, saying something about his phone. One knocked it out of his hand. He said he was then sucker-punched. He fell to the ground and was battered by several people.

media member, who witnessed the assault, told police approximately ten people punched and kicked the politician while he was on the ground and as the politician tried to explain that he is an ally.  When the beating stopped, the politician tried to dialogue with his attackers, explaining who he was, and asking for his phone and glasses to be returned. They were, and someone identifying herself as a nurse came to his aid.  Feeling “lightheaded, stunned and dazed” he next stumbled toward the State Capitol, where he laid down on the grass.

He made contact with Capitol Police who called for an emergency medical response. Paramedics treated the politician, but he declined to go to a hospital.      Capitol Police escorted him into the Capitol, and told him not to leave the building because of property damage and unruly behavior that was continuing to take place outside.

“Thanks to help from the community, the case detective was able to identify the two persons of interest. Both turned themselves in today. Samantha R. Hamer, age 26, Madison, and Kerida E. O’Reilly, age 33, Madison, were each arrested for substantial battery – party to a crime, and robbery with use of force – party to a crime,” the Milwaukee Police Department said today.

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