New Jersey Democrat Wants Black Man off the Ballot In November

NEWARK, NJ – Scott Salmon, a Democrat from New Jersey who ran for Congress in 2018 apparently didn’t get the memo from his party that Black Lives Matter, because he is now in court trying to have a black man removed from the November ballot, simply because he doesn’t like him.

It’s a glorious time in America when a black man is free to run for any office in the land.  Freedom is absolute, but Salmon doesn’t agree.  He just filed a lawsuit challenging the candidacy of Kanye West, an African American rapper who has announced he is running for President against Donald J. Trump and Joseph Biden.

Salmon said West’s petitions were “egregiously bad” and “insulting”.

Salmon also sent a letter to the New Jersey Division of Elections that provides a medical diagnosis of West.

“I’m not his doctor. I’m not his wife. So I don’t know what his mental state is. I’ve seen the reports. I’m just looking at this based on what the law is in New Jersey, and this doesn’t meet this level,” he wrote to the state.

It appears hate does have a home in the Democrat Party, at least in New Jersey.



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