Tuesday, March 2, 2021
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NHL Hockey is Back…First Fight in the Bubble

NHL Hockey resumed Wednesday night and before the end of the night, the first “bubble hockey” fight had taken place.  It was between Michail Sergachev of the Tampa Bay Lightning and Brian Boyle of the Florida Panthers.  Offscreen, before the fight, Boyle crosschecked Sergachev.  Sergachev responded with a stick to the kneecaps of Boyle.  Boyle escalated by shoving his stick up literally up the ass of Sergachev and it was showtime.   Boyle landed a handful of solid blows and walked off the with a smile in the 3rd period.  Tampa Bay was winning at the time 4-0, but the tide changed after the brawl and Florida scored two more goals, losing 4-2.  P.S.  This was just the scrimmage.  Things should heat up more once the Stanley Cup Playoffs start this weekend.

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