Toms River Councilman Kevin Geoghegan Launches Bizarre School Board Rant About Fake News and Political Endorsements

TOMS RIVER, NJ – Toms River Councilman Kevin Geoghegan (pronounced GAY-gin) launched into a bizarre rant and tirade about Toms River School Board elections at the Toms River Township council meeting.  Geoghegan announced that petitions for candidates for the 2020 Toms River Regional School Board election were filed and candidate names had been published.

“Well, like politics, right away, rumors inuendos, fake news sites already started to spread misinformation on the candidates and some of the elected officials including myself,” Geoghegan said. “Yes, I’ve been asked for endorsement from some candidates and no, I have not endorsed any candidate or slate, nor will I. I have not sign anyone’s petition. I never sought anyone out and asked them to run for school board either.”

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Ok…well, then.

Geoghegan, apparently was under fire for his affiliation with New Jersey Assemblyman Greg McGuckin, who donated nearly $11,000 into his team’s political candidacy last year. McGuckin has been under fire for his support and involvement in a school board ticket run by former Toms River School Board candidate Chris Raiman.  While Geoghegan took McGuckin’s campaign contributions and later appointed McGuckin to a public contract worth an estimated $500,000, in possible violation of the town’s pay to play laws, no school board candidate has received a penny from Geoghegan’s own political campaign financier as of yet.

“I don’t have kids in the school district, nor will I,” Geoghegan proudly boasted during the rant.

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It could be time to check the water again in Toms River, but we wanted to help Mr. Geoghegan set the record straight.  Geoghegan did not present a copy of a bogus forged check to make his point on Tuesday nor was he seen standing outside in the parking lot taking pictures of people as they left the building…that’s another story.



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