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Congressman Jim Jordan Rips Dr. Fauci’s Refusal to Identify Protests as High Risk for COVID-19

U.S. Congressman Jim Jordan ripped Dr. Anthony Fauci after he refused to acknowledge that protests across America risk spreading COVID-19.  “I don’t think that’s relevant,” Fauci said when asked if the government should limit protests.  Fauci, who has given his opinion on nearly every other aspect of American life, refused to address the topic head-on.  Suddenly, Fauci knows how to paint the corner while throwing a curveball.


Jim Jordan Grills Fauci: Do Protests Spread The Virus?

Dr. Fauci is a complete hypocrite. Why is it okay to riot in the streets but not pray in church? Fraud.

Posted by Charlie Kirk on Friday, July 31, 2020

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