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Murphy Gets Booed As He Bounces First Pitch in the Dirt at Last Dance Championship

TRENTON, NJ – In tonight’s finale of the Last Dance High School baseball series at the Trenton Thunder Arm & Hammer Park, Governor Phil Murphy threw out the first pitch.  On any given Friday, Murphy’s ball in the dirt would be something to chuckle at, especially from about 40 or so feet.   Enter Anthony Fauci, whose Major League first pitch last week looked more like a pickoff play to first than it did a pitch.  From Fauci’s fiasco, first pitches can only go up from there.

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Despite throwing some bullpen work in the statehouse parking lot before heading down the street, Murphy bounced the ball some five feet in front of home plate, giving him a total distance of about 35 feet on the throw in the dirt.  Murphy’s first pitch is definitely not the worst we’ve seen.   Murphy was thoroughly boo’d by the fans in attendance, followed by a round of laughter.   The first pitch was captured by Jersey Shore Sports Zone.


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