ER Nurse Blames Murphy Ban on Hydroxychloroquine for Spring COVID-19 Hospital Deaths

TRENTON, NJ – Jen Brown, a practicing intensive care nurse in New Jersey says people died across New Jersey because of Governor Phil Murphy’s meddling in medical care.  Brown said COVID-19 is real, and it filled hospitals at a level she hadn’t seen in her 27 years on the job.

“We didn’t know what we were doing because this was a new virus,” Brown said. “It was new. It was scary. It scared people. It scared me, and I don’t get scared of viruses, but I was scared of getting sick and bringing it home to my children.”

“There are things that happened that none of you can imagine,” Brown said. “When has it become our governor’s job to maintain our health?  When has it been their job to get rid of a job in your home? When did that happen?  The governor decided that nobody was going to use hydroxychloroquine to treat the virus.  So when you came into a hospital and you couldn’t breathe and you were short of breath and we couldn’t help you, as a nurse, I had nothing to offer.”

Brown said nurses effectively could not treat their patients once Governor Phil Murphy set his own rules on the medication.

“That’s why hospital rates went and why people died in hospitals unnecessarily,” she said.

She said her hospital initially treated patients early on during the pandemic with hydroxychloroquine and no patients were on ventilators.

Two weeks later, she said Murphy ended that practice and started sending people home until their test came back positive.  She said sometimes people would return a week or two later and by then, it was too late for hydroxychloroquine.

Brown said once people went on ventilators and were denied hydroxychloroquine and hospitals had no way to get them off.  A large number of patients on ventilators ended up dying.

Now, she says, a secondary effect of shutting down hospitals is taking place. People who opted out of critical care during COVID-19 are now dying of heart attacks and other diseases. She claims patients are afraid to go to hospitals for fear of contracting COVID-19.

“While they were eating McDonald’s and drinking alcohol because they were the only things open, they got sicker,” she added.






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