OC Freeholder Vicari: Power Companies Should Reimburse Customers for Spoiled Food


TOMS RIVER – Ocean County Freeholder Joseph Vicari is asking Gov. Murphy to request the power companies reimburse citizens for the cost of food spoiled as a result of lengthy power outages since Tropical Storm Isaias hit the area on Aug. 4.

“When power outages go on for days, we cannot expect our residents, especially our senior citizens to go without some kind of reimbursement for food lost as a result of no electricity,” said Ocean County Freeholder Director Joseph H. Vicari, Chairman of Senior Services. “Many of our residents had stocked up on food because of the coronavirus pandemic and they are concerned about leaving their home to go to the food stores.

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“Now all the additional money spent on the extra food is basically in the garbage and so many elderly people living on fixed incomes do not have the money to replace it,” Vicari said. “We need the utility companies to step up and help out.”

Food only last in a closed refrigerator for about 4 hours maybe 6 at best.

Vicari noted that in addition to purchasing greater amounts of food due to limiting going food shopping, consumers have seen an increase in the price paid for food.

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“We understand how powerful storms can be,” Vicari said. “But when power outages continue for days, our residents need to know they will get help from the companies they pay monthly for electricity.”

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Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash


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