African American Woman Finds the N-Word Keyed in Her Car in Jackson Township


JACKSON, NJ – The Jackson Police Department is currently conducting an investigation into a bias incident and criminal mischief which occurred recently and is asking that anyone with information about the incident please contact the department.

According to the victim, who is African-American, the word “N-GGER” was keyed into the side of her car.

At approximately 7:30 am on Monday August 3, 2020, officers responded to a residence located on Daisy Court in Sixty Acres on the report of criminal mischief to a motor vehicle. Upon arrival, officers observed the victim’s 2011 BMW which had open bags of garbage strewn across the trunk lid of the vehicle. There was significant damage to the vehicle as it appeared that the suspect(s) had used an object to scratch the paint in multiple places on the car including what appeared to be a skull and also a derogatory, racist remark which was scratched into the paint on the trunk lid near the vehicle’s emblem. In addition to the extensive scratches in the vehicle’s paint, there was additional damage which included a marker light which had been broken off the vehicle, a fracture to the windshield and two tires which were punctured.

It is believed that this incident took place where the vehicle was parked between the hours of 7:00 pm on Sunday evening until 4:30 am on Monday morning when a neighbor observed the damage and notified the vehicle owner.

Additionally while officers were on scene conducting the investigation, the victim’s landlord met and spoke with the officers and they were able to hear a voice mail which was reportedly left by an area resident alleging that there was illegal activity at the victim’s residence and that the landlord should do something about it before the police do. It is unknown at this time if this had any connection with the incident.

Anyone with additional information about this incident is asked to contact Jackson Police Detective Ed Howe at 732-928-1111 or provide the information through the department’s Stop It app.

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