Claire Gustafson, Another NJ Republican Calls to Stop Counting Mail-In Ballots, Accept Incomplete, Inaccurate Mail-In Election Results

CHERRY HILL, NJ – With tens of thousands of ballots in jeopardy, uncounted and unaccounted for, Republican candidate for US Congress in CD1, Claire Gustafson, has a little motherly advice for two Senate candidates waiting for the state elections officials to finish counting ballots…just give up already.

Claire Gustafson, Republican candidate for Congress in New Jersey’s First Congressional District, after reading reports that unsuccessful GOP US Senate candidates Tricia Flanagan and Hirsh Singh haven’t coalesced behind the winner of the primary election, Rik Mehta, said, “Now is not the time to be bitter.”

“I’ve been where Flanagan and Singh are now, I lost a hard-fought four-way congressional primary in 2014,” Claire Gustafson said, “I get it, losing isn’t fun. What I didn’t do was discourage my supporters from getting behind the winner. Instead, I made sure I supported Garry Cobb and even contributed financially to his campaign.”

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Gustafson criticized Singh and Flanagan after four recounts were ordered across the state and wants to just hand an election win to former Obama-era Democrat Rikin Mehta, because she supports Mehta.  Gustafson never lost an all mail-in ballot election with tens of thousands of missing, uncounted and discarded ballots.

“President Trump’s voters are going to vote for him no matter what.” Gustafson added, “What concerns me is that because Flanagan and Singh refuse to back Mehta Republican voters will simply skip the rest of the ballot.”

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Gustafson has fallen in line with Governor Phil Murphy and Attorney General Gurbir Grewal, the three of whom would like to just end the disastrous July mail-in ballot primary to save face, but to sacrifice the integrity of the election.   Gustafson is more worried about her own election and not that every vote is counted, as mandated by law.

“This election is far too important to risk losing down-ballot races simply because candidates suffered a tough loss.” Gustafson said, “No question Flanagan and Singh both garnered a significant number of votes, now it is time to encourage party unity and encourage those voters to support the entire Republican ticket. This is a golden opportunity for Flanagan and Singh to step up and be leaders in our party. I’m happy to help make that happen, I’m just a phone call away.”

Many feel Singh’s charge against the flawed election process in New Jersey is actually the leadership New Jersey needs in the Republican party as the party fights to oppose a mail-in ballot election in November.  By declaring Mehta the arbitrary winner, the Republican message that the mail-in ballot system is flawed weakens that party’s position.

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The July primary election has not yet been certified by the state or county election officials and ballot counting continued as of Friday.

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