Antifa, BLM Protesters Beaten in Ditch by Back the Blue in Colorado

Fort Collins, CO – The tides this weekend turned for the violent protesters from Antifa and Black Lives Matter as a group in Fort Collins showed up to confront a pro-police rally in front of a police station here.  The Antifa/BLM protesters were met with counter-protesters who were holding a “Back the Blue” rally in front of the police station. The pro-police group forced the leftist protesters away from the police station.

“You boys came to the wrong city,” a man on a megaphone was heard saying.  Watch the video below to see what happened.

The confrontation ended with the leftists being beaten to a pulp in a drainage ditch.  Some were even beaten down with an American flag.  Police have announced several arrests Sunday night for Saturday’s altercation.

On August 8, 2020, several groups assembled near the Fort Collins Police Services building on Timberline Road. During this time, physical disturbances broke out between members of the different groups.

Officers worked to contact all of the individuals directly involved in these fights, resulting in three arrests and one criminal citation:

A 42-year-old person was cited for Criminal Tampering (class 2 misdemeanor).
A 25-year-old person was arrested for Disorderly Conduct (class 3 misdemeanor) and Resisting Arrest (class 2 misdemeanor).
A 42-year-old person was arrested for Disorderly Conduct (class 3 misdemeanor).
A 37-year-old person was arrested for Disorderly Conduct (class 3 misdemeanor) and Possession of an Illegal Weapon (class 1 misdemeanor).

“Both sides had active aggressors, and enforcement action was taken against people identifying with both groups. Some of the people who were fighting left the scene before police were able to identify or make contact with them,” the department said in a statement.

Officers are reviewing video and actively working to determine who these people were so they can be held accountable. Anyone with information that may help in this investigation is asked to contact Det. CJ O’Loughlin at 970-416-2571.

“We respect everyone’s right to peacefully assemble. Our officers have consistently supported these rights in recent months as people have gathered to make their voices heard. For the safety of our community, acts of violence and other unlawful behavior have not and will not be tolerated from anyone,” said FCPS Chief Jeff Swoboda. “Truly supporting a cause means representing its values. Committing crimes in our community is not a way to support police. We stand for safety, period. We want all of our community members to feel safe here in Fort Collins and we reject any form of hate.”

All charges are simply an accusation by law enforcement officers, and any arrested party must be presumed innocent until proven guilty in court.

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