Toms River, Brick Leading Ocean County in COVID-19 Positives Over Past 30 Days


Toms River, NJ – Ocean County COVID-19 positive tests have been reported within the past 30 days and the numbers provided by the Ocean County Health Department show Toms River and Brick Township lead the county in new positive cases between July 7, 2020 and August 7, 2020.

Toms River leads the county in new positive test results during that period with 191.  Brick Township has 170 and Lakewood Township had 119 cases.  This shift in cases has been blamed by Governor Phil Murphy on young teens and adults attending large indoor parties.   Last week, approximately 24 lifeguards who work on Long Beach Island contracted the disease from a gathering in which all attended.  Lakewood, which during the height of the pandemic led the county in COVID-19 positives now ranks third as Brick and Toms River had a more significant increase in positives in the last 30 day period.

This figure also factors 53 new cases in Lakewood in the past 7 days compared to 24 in Brick and 41 in Toms River during the past 7 days.

Lakewood Township has the most overall COVID-19 positives with 2,726, followed by Toms River (1,835) and Brick (1,354).

In the week since a large party was held in Jackson, the town has seen a noticeable uptick in positives.   24 new cases have been reported in the past six days in Jackson.

When it comes to COVID-19 fatalities in Ocean County, Lakewood is ahead of the rest of the municipalities with 196, followed by Manchester (155), Toms River (154) and Brick (139).


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