Jersey Shore Star Snookie Polizzi Moving to Toms River?

TOMS RIVER, NJ – Anonymous property developers aren’t the only ones buying up real estate in Toms River this week.  Jersey Shore star Nicole “Snookie” Polizzi just purchased an $850,000 five bedroom waterfront home in Silverton. She’s now one of us.   Far removed from her bar hopping party days of Jersey Shore, Polizzi, now “LaValle” has three children and is a mom.  You may be seeing her at a future PTO meeting at Silver Bay Elementary School!

Snooki’s new home is currently appraised by the Township of Toms River for $600,900.00.  She paid $850,000.  Welcome to Toms River Nicole, your house assessment is probably going to get jacked up next year by Mayor Hill.

Unlike Polizzi who paid $250,000 more than her property’s assessed value, the town recently sold a nearby tract of land for $500,000 under the assessed value.  Maybe we’ll even see Snooki at a future town hall meeting fighting the corruption of Mayor Mo Hill?

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