Another NJ Politician Wants Fines For COVID-19 Infractions, Like Not Wearing a Mask in Public

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HOBOKEN, NJ – It’s a far cry from the $15,000 fines sought by Jersey Shore Republican Assemblyman Gregory P. McGuckin, but now a North Jersey Democrat is looking to fine his residents for not wearing face masks in public…even though no law requires such a thing.

Hoboken City Councilman Phil Cohen is the neighborhood man-Karen. He said the city is keeping a close eye on mask offenders and says too many are not complying.

“Mimicking Governor Phil Murphy’s mask mandate, this wouldn’t apply in situations such as sitting in a park with family, working out or outdoor dining, as long as you keep away from others. But, when you’re walking down the street, you can’t guarantee it. Cohen said education and warning would come before summonses are handed out,” Cohen said.

Now, he wants to charge mask violators $250. Not wearing a mask when walking around town? $250.

Cohen says that by taking money away from people already under financial stress from the pandemic, they will start wearing their face masks the government wants them to wear.

“I think once people start getting warnings, realizing there are financial consequences to not wearing a mask, that compliance will increase and that really is the goal here,” Cohen said.

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While not as bad as the one city councilwoman who wants mask offenders to be charged with murder, or the guy in Ocean County who wants $15,000 fines, Cohen’s plan, in a non-COVID-19 year would probably have been the most idiotic proposal of the year by an elected official…but COVID rules now apply and the bar of political insanity has risen.


Photo by Kate Trifo on Unsplash


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