Murphy Pushes Bellmawr to Revoke Business License of Defiant Gym Owners, Asks for $15,000 Per Day Fines

BELLMAWR, NJ – The neverending battle between Governor Phil Murphy and defiant New Jersey gym owners Ian Smith and Frank Trumbetti rages on.  This week, Murphy’s pressure against the township government of Bellmawr led to local officials voiding the mercantile license of the Atilis Gym. On Tuesday, the borough council held a special meeting solely for the revocation of the business owner’s license.

The business was issued zoning violations, health department violations, a health department shut down notice, fines, charges for contempt of court and they were even arrested.

“If you’re going to be shutting us down and telling us to shut down and stay shut down, where is the science and data that you have?” Smith asked. “Show us the science and data.  We’re confident in our process and safety protocol and if you can show science and data that Atilis Gym is more dangerous than other places, then we’ll remain shut down.”

“This is nothing more than political trickery,” Smith said. “The all-democrat council had it pushed down by the Democrat governor. We’re prepared to lose every single battle in order to win the war…the big guy doesn’t want us to get to round 12.”

During the public meeting, the governing body did not allow for public comments.

Murphy’s legal team is asking the courts to impose $15,000 per day fines.  That amount is the same amount that Ocean County State Assemblyman Gregory P. McGuckin asked for back in March when he proposed a bill that would fine New Jersey residents $15,000 per Murphy’s Law infraction.




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