NJ Strip Club Owner Cited for COVID-19 Violation Says It Never Happened


ELIZABETH, NJ – A New Jersey strip club has been the latest victim of violating Governor Phil Murphy’s executive order limiting the number of people who can be inside a building at one time.  The club claims there were no patrons and contests the claim made by New Jersey State Police Colonel Patrick Callahan.   Callahan said on Wednesday police responded to “Looker’s Men’s Club” in Elizabeth and claimed 300 to 400 people were inside, “Many without masks.”

The club says Murphy’s top cop is a liar.

“Governor Murphy’s executive order allows for up to 500 people outside, socially distanced. Our patrons were outside,” the club said in a statement. “Our only violation was not having enough manpower working to control approximately 300 to stay seated and be 6 feet apart.”

The club said 400 people would not even fit inside their building.  The club

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