Sturgis Police Department: Had We Not Been Present Antifa Protesters Would Have Been Assaulted

STURGIS, SD – If it wasn’t for the Sturgis Police Department, a handful of Antifa protesters, who want to “defund police”, could be waking up today in a hospital critical care unit.  The small group of protesters showed up at the annual Sturgis Bike Rally where tens of thousands of bikers from around America come together each year to celebrate as one.

Sturgis Police officers received criticism for defending protesters who are calling to defund police, but said they are bound by duty to protect all citizens, even Antifa when necessary.   The department said had they not stepped in when they did, things could have gone badly for the protesters.

“It is law enforcement’s job to protect everyone, protestors and anti-protestors alike,” the Sturgis Police Department said.  “Law enforcement does not pick sides and protects everyone equality. Had law enforcement not been present, the small group of protestors would more than likely would have been assaulted.”

Residents of the community also praised their police officers for stepping in when they did.

“I’m proud that the men and women of our department take their vow to protect and serve no matter what seriously. As much as we would love to see ANTIFA dealt with. The police still have their duties to protect everyone that they can,” said one Meade County Sheriff’s Department dispatcher.


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