Boomer AOC Says Buy Stamps and Write to Pen Pals

NEW YORK CITY, NY – It sounds like a plan Joe Biden might have had in 1988, but boomer Alexandria Ocasio Cortez has lost some chic hip points after suggesting Americans go out and buy those things we call stamps and start a pen pal program.  Most of her constituents had to Google both to figure out what she’s talking about, but she insists on saving a dying entity and damaging the environment.  Why should millions of people buy stamps, to put on pieces of paper (dead trees) to then ship all over the world (carbon foot print) when you can just send the person an email that costs nothing and uses virtually no renewable resources.  Duh.

We can’t imagine a national pen pal program working, but these days you never know.  We’re not boomers here, but even we think this is plan only boomers would suggest and go far.  Let’s see what happens here.



Photo by Da Kraplak on Unsplash

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